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According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, the word or term history is defined as a narrative of events; a story; a chronological record of events as of the life or development of a people, country or institution. Looking back is not harmful as long as it is only in retrospect.


When Fellowship District was duly organized some sixty-six years ago by the late Reverend Dr. James Allen Caldwell, Sr., the term "Fellowship" was used to indicate that we are all fellows in the same ship. The vision of this District was then and at present to make a reality the scripture when Jesus speaks in John 17:20-21, "That they may all be one." This was the vision and dream of Dr. Caldwell and the Pastors present including the late Pastor David L. Kelley, the late Welton W. Williams, the late M. L. Gooch, the late D. N. Ford, the late Joseph Marion, the late Nathaniel Taylor and the late J. H. Porter. Further, its purpose is to assist struggling churches, promote Christian Education and to love our own and perpetuate a Spirit of "unity" among the Pastors, churches, and communities involved, as well as the State of Michigan and abroad.


Moderators, namely, the late Dr. James Allen Caldwell, Sr., Founder (Burnette Baptist Church), the late Dr. Welton W. Williams (Williams Chapel Baptist Church), the late Dr. David L. Kelley (Second Canaan Baptist Church), the late Rev. Robert Robinson (Greater Missionary Baptist Church), Dr. Sampson Matthews (Mt. Hebron Baptist Church, the late Dr. Dan Flowers (Zion Hill Baptist Church), Dr. Walter Cheeks (New St. Peter Baptist Church), Rev. Allen O. Langford (Christland Baptist Church), Bishop Lawrence J. London, Sr. (New Jerusalem Temple Baptist Church) and at present, Rev. R. Patrick Johnson (Greater Burnette Baptist Church).


There have been many Vice Moderators that have served in concert with the Moderators and they include:

Bishop Edgar L. Vann, II, the late Pastor R. B. Friend, the late Pastor Dan Flowers, Pastor Robert Hamilton, the late Pastor Reginald Caldwell, Pastor Everett Jennings, Pastor Nathaniel Caldwell, Pastor Walter Cheeks, the late Pastor Charles L. Branch, Pastor Maurice Flaniken, Pastor Frank Harris and Pastor J.D. White.


In the progressing years of the life of Fellowship, many have served in capacities of Vice Moderator, Vice Presidents of both Congress and Women's Auxiliaries, Laymen's and Youth Department respectfully. Many have come and gone for various reasons, however Fellowship is still afloat on the sea of God's eternal purpose. Much has been done to uphold the intended purpose and thanks be unto God who giveth us the victory through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has brought us to this juncture in time.


Today, we praise God from whom all blessing flow, first for those who passed this way and left a legacy, blaze the trail, paved the way, charted the course for we who will still sojourn, those who have gone from the realm of time into the bliss of eternity, we must never forget those who were a part of the Fellowship, but who are now a part of the heavenly host. And also those who even after being in office and worked untiringly and are yet with us, we thank God for you.

We thank God for the present Officiary, Parent Body, Women's Auxiliary, Congress, Laymen's and Youth Department respectfully. There have been some changes Fellowship, and with time there will be other changes, and yet we serve a changeless Christ.


Fellowship District Baptist Association, Inc. of Michigan, is recognized as one of the top Districts in the Baptist, Missionary, and Educational State (BM&E) Convention, Inc., also registered in the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., also with many of our officers and members having served and are serving key positions, in the State and National Baptist Convention, of which we are proud. Fellowship had a very enlightening and inspiring, yet challenging past. We have had some of the best worship messages, lectures, sermons, preached, theme speakers, singing, annual addresses, instructors in our congress among us, as well as, invited guests which we have greatly benefited from. All ministries of the District have presented programs and have served over the years and we have been blessed by the same.


It is our prayer, that we as a District Association be "steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord." (1 Corinthians 15:58). We look with anticipation for greater works to be wrought in Fellowship. For we can do together more than we can do by ourselves. Together, flowers make a bouquet. Together, trees make a forest. Together, snowflakes make a snowman. Together, bees make a hive. Together, ants make a colony. Together, soldiers make an army. Together, musical instruments make an orchestra.





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