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Congress of Christian Education

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Rev. Jeremy K. Moseley, Sr.
Congress President

Mission: The Christian Education Ministry (now known as The Fellowship Conference (TFC) is designed to aid and encourage continuous spiritual development in educating the mind and the spirit. To deepen the knowledge and understanding of God's Word to all ages, making disciples for Jesus Christ according to Matthew 28:19-20

Vision: Co-labor within the District churches and their communities with the purpose of giving opportunities to learn and demonstrate the fullness of Christian love and attributes toward others. Learn to administrate and coordinate the programs or strategies needed to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers to Christ-likeness.

Congress Officiary
Reverend Nathan A. Caldwell, I
First Vice President

Reverend C. J. Sampson
Second Vice President

Sis. Patrina Caldwell
Congress Director

Sis. Carmon Kelley
Director of Registration

Sis. Stormi Underwood
Executive Assistant

Sis. Drena Jackson
Executive Assistant

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