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Fellowship District Text Logo.png

Rev. R. Patrick Johnson


Rev. Michael Seay

Vice Moderator At Large


Rev. Maurice A. Flaniken

1st Vice Moderator


Rev. Frank J. Harris Jr.

2nd Vice Moderator


Rev. J. D. White

3rd Vice Moderator


Sis. Bewilder Walters

Recording Secretary


Sis. Carlethia Cooper

Assistant Recording Secretary


Sis. Evelyn Smith

Corresponding Secretary


Sis. Jewerlean Kelly

Assistant Corresponding Secretary 

Dr. Kenneth M. Moseley



Finance Team

Sis. Linda White

Pastor Gregory Foster II

Sis. Michelle Hunt

Sis. Marie Dove

Bro. John Smith


Executive Administration Team

Evangelist Phylis Berry

Bro. John R. King

Dr. Louise Guyton

Sis. Jan Williams


Advisory Team

Dr. Walter K. Cheeks

Dr. Lawrence Glass

Pastor Allen O. Langford

Bishop Lawrence J. London Sr.

Bishop Corletta J. Vaughn

Dr. Sampson Matthews

Moderator Emeritus


Rev. Jeremy K. Moseley Sr., President, Congress of Christian Education

Sis. Linda Allen, President, Woman’s Auxiliary

Bro. Dwayne Crawford, President, Laymen's Movement

Bro. Rondall Murray, Director, Music Ministry

Sis. Viola Riley, Director, Youth & Young Adult Ministry

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